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Assay Libraries


Assay Libraries

The Spiral tools are shipped as standard with the Spiral HPI assay library. Two further libraries are available for licensing, offering many more crudes and more detailed quality characterisation.

For clients who license Spiral tools, a statistical model is included with each library, containing information on the links and correlations between the various crude oil properties for the assays in the library. This can be used to reconstruct complete crude oil characteristics from any available information - whether modelling a new crude or updating the profiles for an existing database entry.

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 Chevron Assay Library

The Chevron Crude Oil Assay Library contains over 1,800 assays to use with Spiral tools. It provides detailed assay information, including analyses of a wide range of individual components and detailed measurements on standard product fractions. Read More

 Shell Assay Library

The Shell Crude Oil Assay Library is the largest assay database currently available with Spiral tools, containing over 2,700 assays. Exclusively licensed to Spiral Software, it provides very comprehensive assay information. Read More

 Spiral HPI Assay Library

The Spiral HPI library comes as standard with all Spiral products and is not available for separate licensing. Read More