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Spiral has a wide range of experience in providing both technical and business consultancy to our clients.

On a technical level, we have built a broad and deep understanding of the chemistry, composition and behaviour of crude oil, as well as the upstream and downstream processes in modern crude sector companies. Across areas as diverse as crude oil exploration, assay measurement processes and commercial refinery modelling, we have helped many of our customers improve their technical processes.

Our business consulting focuses on the changes in business process that can help our clients reap the greatest benefits from our tools. These tools provide a unified source of crude oil knowledge within a company, bringing together data from all available sources and making it globally accessible. This means that users throughout an organisation can make decisions on the same basis, with immediate access to the most current information in any format they require.

Sharing up-to-date information brings huge benefits, whether between upstream and downstream organisations, or between refining and trading. However, maximising these potential benefits involves some change in processes and outlook for each part of the business. Spiral has now helped three oil majors and several national oil companies successfully make these changes, and our services range from providing management recommendations through to offering training to help facilitate the business changes.

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