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Core Concepts


Core Concepts

Since Spiral was set up, our development has been guided by core concepts which we believe are key to our business and our products.

Spiral has always maintained links with university research, both at Cambridge and elsewhere. Combined with a strong culture of innovation and a friendly work environment, these links have enabled us to attract outstanding candidates who would normally have remained in academia.

Our mathematical modelling group is a team of mathematicians and physical scientists whose backgrounds range from statistical astrophysics to engineering. Their complementary skills enable us to develop truly innovative solutions from the ground up, building efficient numerical methods on ideal analytical foundations.

Powerful predictive techniques often generate complex answers. In addition, the most accurate models are often based on mathematical parameters that have little real-world meaning. By understanding our clients' businesses we can present parameters, results and confidence measures in a form that is natural to the user community.

Our clients can also benefit from improved data accessibility. Spiral tools bring together data from many sources into a single body, reconciling differences and making the information available throughout their business. Intuitive data visualisation tools then enable users to gain maximal understanding, validating model predictions and applying their own expertise to draw further conclusions.

From the initial design stage onwards, our user interface developers work closely with both clients and our mathematical modelling group, ensuring that our products continue to take account of user attitudes, preferences and work practices. Friendly interfaces and a shallow learning curve help to encourage new users to adopt the programs as part of their business process.

Spiral's tools are regularly used in business-critical arenas where important decisions are made on the basis of their predictions. Guided by experienced project managers, our product development adheres to strong coding and testing standards that aim to ensure the reliability and maintainability of our software. Internally, our software, hardware and personnel policies ensure that we avoid critical links that might jeopardise the continuity of ongoing development and support.

Our Location

101 Science Park
Milton Road
CB4 0FY, United Kingdom
+44 (0)1223 445000

Please note that with effect from 1 January 2017, the entity Spiral Software changed name to Schneider Electric Software GB Ltd. Apart from our entity name change, all company details remain the same.