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The unique features of this toolset have made CrudeSuite the assay management tool of choice across the petroleum industry. CrudeSuite has been successfully adopted by over 100 companies at more than 300 sites worldwide. It is used by major crude assay providers, including BP, Shell and Chevron, to enter, workup and publish assay information.

With successful implementations ranging from single-site through to global corporate systems, CrudeSuite helps organisations manage their data, make purchasing and blending decisions, and feed refinery plans.

The CrudeSuite toolset consists of:


 CrudeSuite Desktop

CrudeSuite Desktop (CSD) is a powerful tool for managing and manipulating crude oil information. It allows users to search and view crude oil data, displaying a wide range of graphs and explore the underlying laboratory measurements. Incorporating a multi-tower commercial fractionation model, it can provide input directly into a range of industry-standard simulation, optimisation and scheduling packages. Read More

 CrudeSuite Laboratory

CrudeSuite Laboratory (CSL) extends the functionality of CSD to provide an AssayWorkup tool geared around the requirements of crude experts entering full assays, whether from in-house or third party labs. This includes specialised modelling extensions and a range of advanced user interface features to provide a streamlined interface for the entry and editing of full assays. Read More

 CrudeSuite DLL

CrudeSuite DLL gives users programmatic access to the features and functionality of the CrudeSuite tools. As a dynamically-linked library (DLL), it can be loaded on-demand by other tools where crude information is required, directly providing both textual information and perfect or commercial cut property values. Read More


CrudeSync is a secure synchronisation service. Running off a central server, CrudeSync requires Microsoft SQL Server and IIS. All administration is carried out via a set of easy-to-use web pages. Read More