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CrudeSuite internet


CrudeSuite internet

Accessible through standard web browsers, CrudeSuite internet (CSi) provides a unified source of crude oil knowledge within a company. In only a few seconds, users can explore refinery margin estimates across broad crude slates or generate and assess thousands of blending possibilities.

CSi has a proven track record of bringing major benefits to client organisations, including global implementations by several oil majors and leading trading firms. It provides a wide range of facilities for visualising and exploring crude oil information. All aspects of the user interface and highly configurable, allowing each user to optimise the tool presentation around the needs of a particular role. In addition, CSi is a fully modular application and functionality can be tailored to the specific requirements of each client company. Additional modules available are:


 Cargo Tracking

Where tracking crude oil quality trends is a key part of business operations, the optional Cargo Tracking module provides a Cargo Tracking Database and extended facilities for handling cargo information. Read More

 Commercial Evaluation

The optional CSi Commercial Evaluation module adds a fast and robust Refinery Netback model, calculating the optimised value of each candidate crude and the resultant product yields. The model is highly optimised for speed, generating rankings across a broad slate of candidate crudes in just a few seconds. Read More

 Advanced Blending

As standard, CSi contains advanced tools for blending crudes. Key properties can be targeted or constrained while maximising the value of resultant products. Users can then evaluate the results to find the optimal blend or highlight crudes or specifications that are preventing the most profitable blends being created. Read More