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Data Modelling


Data Modelling

Spiral offers a range of data modelling services. These are normally carried out for existing users of our tools and delivered as additions to their toolset. However, we will also undertake independent modelling work for clients, and have carried out projects both in crude sector and in other industries.

Real commercial problems present many data handling challenges. Information must be read from a variety of different sources, often presented in proprietary formats. Sparse and inconsistent measurements need to be reconciled. Erroneous entries have to be identified and either corrected or discarded. In addition, processing large data sets requires specialised, highly-efficient data storage, search and retrieval methods.

Spiral has developed products for handling data sets ranging from a handful of measurements to over a hundred million, in sectors as diverse as demand modelling and detergent formulation. Through this work, we have built a thorough understanding of the problems that arise and how to tackle them.

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