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Unique Opportunities Presented for Schneider Electric in Midstream US Shale Oil and Canadian Tar Sands

The conference brought together more than 450 delegates, from across the petroleum supply chain, to discuss changes in the crude oil market. The opening presentation set the scene by focusing on world events, economic policy and the current state of the energy industry.

The main focus of the conference was on domestic crude supply and the future of US imports and exports. For example, western Canadian heavy crude producers are desperate to find markets for oil sands production, and the US Gulf Coast is seen as the most logical recipient. However, there are fears the Gulf Coast could become saturated with crude by 2017, as its own production levels, and the present lack of infrastructure, outstrips the ability of producers to transport crude to market.

This provides an opportunity for Schneider Electric SimSci tools. Producers and traders can use CrudeSuite internet to explore the blending of Canadian heavy, sour crudes with the abundance of lighter, sweeter crudes of the US Gulf Coast (it is currently illegal to export crudes from the US). The aim of blending would be to produce oils that are more profitable to refine domestically, so that useful products can be exported worldwide.

The other opportunity for SimSci Spiral tools lies in the fact that US shale oil is variable in quality, and can be high in light hydrocarbons (C1-C5) and paraffinic, which causes throughput issues and fouling. High iron content can also cause FCC corrosion and catalyst damage. Using Spiral CrudeSuite’s predictive technology, full assays can be worked up rapidly, using limited sample measurements, in order to mitigate these types of risks affecting refinery operations.


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