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Spiral has a proven track record for delivering solutions which are easy to install, simple to maintain, reliable in use and scalable from single users through to global enterprises.

Spiral's solutions can grow with your company's needs. Whether you require desktop, web or automated access to data, there is an appropriate product to support your application. Since 1998, Spiral has spanned "crude oil knowledge management": from traditional implementations at laboratories through to oil major implementations spanning every area of the business, across upstream exploration, feedstock trading, strategy and operations.

Spiral is strongly committed to innovation and works closely with clients to ensure their solutions continue to grow and maintain their leading edge technology, providing revolutionary software that promotes transparency, encourages collaboration between business areas and lets companies make the best overall decisions.


 Unified Supply Chain Management

Spiral Suite is the only hydrocarbon supply chain management toolset designed from the ground up as a unified, multi-user solution. All activities, spanning feedstock data management, trading, plant and network optimisation, scheduling and process unit monitoring, are supported within a single application, with a single user interface, and a single source of data with version and data management control. Read More

 Crude Oil Knowledge Management

CrudeSuite is an industry-leading, enterprise toolset for sharing, managing and modelling crude oil information. Across the petroleum industry, its advanced features enable companies to extract maximum value from their data. Laboratories can reduce measurement burdens while improving assay accuracy and refineries can optimise plans from real-time cargo data, regardless of format or completeness. Read More

 Trader Tools

CrudeSuite internet (CSi) provides secure, web-based access to crude oil data and decision support tools. Focusing on the needs of integrated oil companies and energy traders, CSi enables users to maximise profits in trading and refining through a better understanding of crude oil quality and refining performance. Read More

 Assay Libraries

The Spiral tools are shipped as standard with the Spiral HPI assay library. Two further libraries are available for licensing, offering many more crudes and more detailed quality characterisation. Read More